How to write a contrast essay?

How to write a contrast essay?
So I’m going to have to contrast a story and a poem in an essay. It should be four to five paragraphs in length. What should each paragraph be about?

there are 2 ways u can write a contrast essay: block by block or point by point.

block by block:
basically each paragraph is devoted to one book. so in one big paragraph, you would talk about everything about the poem. the next paragraph, u would contrast the pionts u made about the poem with the points about the story. so u’ll have an intro paragraph, paragraph dedicated to poem, paragraph dedicated to story, and then concluding paragraph

point by point: basically find like 3 main points that are the most obvious points to contrast. u’ll discuss these 3 points in 3 distinct pargraphs. so u’ll have intro paragraph, #1 contrasting point, #2 contrasting point, #3 contrasting point, and a conclusion