How to write a critical essay?

How to write a critical essay?
Hey i have to write a critical essay for college. It is a half theory based half personal essay. Which would be better, to give an overview of the subject, then move on the criticisms, then the personal section or mix them altogether?

In an essay, you should follow a coherent order – the essay should flow naturally, this will help the reader understand the layout and allow them to move onto the next paragraph without confusion.

In essays I have written, when discussing personal information, you should use the theory to back up what you’ve said (evidence). It shouldn’t be a case of just mixing up the aspects of essay, the personal, criticisms and theory, should be used together to produce a comprehensive argument.

Example: – When I was seventeen, I had acne issues and made me feel embarrassed at school, [theory here] would suggest that teenagers suffer from acne and lower their confidence around others. ** just an idea – not necessarily the correct information used in the example.

Good Luck with your essay, I’m sure you’ll be fine!