How to write a debate?

How to write a debate?
Hey guys i have no idea on how to write a debate on steriods for business law. we got picked to be with it any ideas or help? i need to write open statement and all help?

Ok, any debate needs a thesis statement.
First, state whether you are in favor of the resolution or opposed to the resolution.
Then explain the background a little bit about your topic and briefly state your arguments.
Then, state and argument and give details to back it up. It is usually excellent to have primary source documents for your debate because they are most reliable.
Next, move on to your second argument, and then third.
Finally, in the conclusion, you negate your opponent’s arguments and then briefly summarize your arguments for your thesis statement.
It is kind of like writing a persuasive essay, except in the essay you don’t have to negate your opponent’s arguments but in a debate you do.
Good luck!
Hope this helps.