How to write a definition essay?

How to write a definition essay?

As we have already mentioned in the previous point, in many cases, you will be asked to define the concept ‘family’ existing in your academic assignment. The expanded definition of this concept includes such factors as marriage, parenting, social work, household activities, parental responsibilities, professional interests, household duties, moral and emotional support, the external attractiveness of partners reflecting the main functions of the marriage constitute some of the key factors to consider in essays about family values.

The family acts as a cultural and social institution, a group of people which is connected by a certain unity of life priorities, ideas, relationships with society. Through the family, generations replace each other, the ideas and attitudes of people replace myths about them in the perception of other people.

wedded reflexes, the perception of own personality as a doppeline of others, internal inconsistency – this is one of the main features of a positive perception of any information.

With age, a harmony of interests, needs, value orientations, signs of similarity between people are observed. At the same time, the opposite ability of egoism to increase inequality, instability, alienation and chaos is observed. This is observed even in the family. As a result of relations between people, they lead to the corresponding requirements for the level of family activity: the size of the family is often significantly higher than the number of children, the number of wives and children is higher than the number of husbands, etc.

Describing works on family values for essays, it’s worth noting that the modern family faces many problems, which are subsequently inevitably reflected in the image of the marriage as the dominant role in the relationships. The modern family does not belong to the tradition of traditional marriage. The destruction of the family, rampant sexlessness, rudeness is a reality. So, marriage is not a heterosexual institution based on the union of a man and a woman only.

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The second fundamental problem of the family is the division of responsibilities. The modern family differs from the traditional one in the fact that everyone is an equal before the law, regardless of gender, age, religion, policy and so on. Equality of roles is achieved through individual efforts and the application of certain functions, the formation of a common language and social values.

The highest value in the family is respect for the dignity of a mother, such as, for example, “soulmate” in biological, psychological terms. The second fundamental point is the dominance of one’s own personality over another – the idea of PERSON as a unique individual, the right to act as a parent.

The main psychological value is the aspiration of a person to a higher level of achievements, material well-being, moral superiority, the ability to lead an independent way of life, the hope for good, and the ultimate desire for good. These are the qualities of a person.

Having achieved a certain place in the social structure, the person must constantly maintain his position. The main thing is to strive for improvement, learning, and social progress, the ability to earn respect, respect, and power. In other words, a person must have constant, constant desire to serve his neighbor, surrounding world and virtue.

Positive side of family values essay is that the modern family faces many problems at present, which are subsequently inevitably reflected in the attitude of the society to the family as a mother, child, and parents. These factors are often used to determine the norms of behavior of married couples and the value of the marriage.

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The marriage is a quite modified form of relations between spouses. Nevertheless, they are inscribed in the ideology of modern families. The transformation of the ideal family into “standard” birth involves the transformation of the binary system of values.

The marriage is by no means reducible to the characteristics of two persons. Marriage is a personal union of partners regulated by moral principles and supported by immanent values. These are the qualities of a human uniquely. The uniqueness of marriage is one of the main human qualities.

There are many myths about inheritance of honor, kindness, and respect in the family. Such sentiments often conceal the important fact that the ideal and traditional family is fundamentally different from the ordinary family (primary social status, basic needs, interests, motives, means of reproduction, etc.).

The increasing interest in the problems of family, morality, and spirituality is connected with the impact of a certain ideology on the relationships between people. And this is reflected in the repertoire of moral rhetoric.

Within the framework of the morality of modern families, there is a tension of values. The hierarchy of values often is triggered by the tension of interests, motives, and principles of conduct between the middle class and others.

Religious circles criticized Humus or Entropy in the relationship between the wife and husband (or the husband and wife if they are adjacent to each other) at (vic) stages of the reproduction process.