How to write a definition essay on satanism?

How to write a definition essay on satanism?
So we have an assignment on the seven topics of writing: definition, persuasion & argument, narrative, compare & contrast, process analysis, division & classification, and definition. What should I include on my definition essay? I only need help with the definition essay. Thanks

Do some research into it there is theistic Satanism and Atheist Satanism. I myself am a theistic Satanist then there is the middle ages reverse Christian stuff where people just took the bible and reversed it these people are kind of dangerous in my opinion. There is various forms of Pagan Satanism.

So pick a kind of Satanism and write about it as a definition. Here is the site I use I never tell anyone what to do so take it or leave it as a topic to look into for your paper.

Don’t get Scared about it whatever you do you don’t have to convert you are just writing a paper and realize we are not about evil though.