How to write a Descriptive essay?

How to write a Descriptive essay?
Im writing a descriptive essay for my IGCSE course work and im finding it hard to make it into a essay not a story ( the topic is a car crash ) i already re-wrote it 2 times and my teacher still thinks its more of a story, are there anyways to make it more like a essay???

Descriptive essays detail the description of the events happening. If there are too many events, it’ll sound more of a story.

The basic principle of the descriptive essay is to use your five senses to describe an event. It’s a car crash, eh? Start with what you see. People’ll think, Oh, I see two cars crash, too simple. I see two cars smashing into each other, the paint job flying everywhere, the hoods and the engines crushed to bits.

Next, what you smell. I smell hot asphalt across the road, the horrid smell of burnt rubber, the result of two speeding cars. This, I can’t explain much, but maybe you could. 🙂

What do you hear? You could hear the cars screeching, trying to brake but failing. You hear the deafening explosion of a sound when the two smash into each other, the screams of nearby pedestrians. OK, maybe that was a bit overkill, but you get the idea.

Touch? Or in this case, feel. You could feel the blistering heat coming from the crash. These high-speed collisions release energy, translated into heat. A bit of physics, but back to topic. You could be trying to help the two victims, but feel your skin blister under the weight and heat.

What about taste? in this case, you may not have much to say. Neither do I, but you may be breathing through your mouth to avoid the smells. You could be tasting the horrid taste of burning rubber hitting the roof of your mouth and assaulting your taste buds.

When you cover all five senses, the essay feels much more alive. This are the very basics of a descriptive essay. Hope I helped you write this one 🙂

EDIT: I didn’t include taste in my first answer, sorry ><