How to write a descriptive essay?

How to write a descriptive essay?

Any responsible activity requires a plan, so you need to think through a descriptive essay structure in advance. It usually consists of three elements: introduction, body and conclusion.

A paper should have at least five paragraphs. Three of them are allocated for a body. There is no limit for a number of paragraphs. It all depends on length of your essay. But it is also not worth making a paper too voluminous. A reader may get bored because of a long description. It is better to clarify volume requirements when receiving a task from a teacher so that you will not have to delete extra information.

Descriptive essay thesis

Of course, you do not need to convince anyone of your opinion and prove something stubbornly in a paper of this genre. But still it must have a key idea, thesis statement reflecting a meaning of a whole essay. It will help readers understand why it is necessary to get acquainted with an appearance and properties of a particular object. A thesis should be provided in an introduction. It is also worth repeating it at the end to consolidate your idea in minds of readers.

If you are writing about a place, you should not try to impress visitors with beautiful architecture and state ideas that are so strange that no one has ever heard before. Imagination is dangerous. It can soar into the sky, giving way to terrible things. This is why you should be prudent while looking for ideas. It is better to use dry statistics instead of clarifying truths.

If you are writing about a person, you should follow general rules of etiquette. So, do not use phrases like “You are a very talented person. I am sure that you will become a successful person in the future.” It is better to confirm your ideas with words which are more common to everyone. “You are a workhorse of our firm. Efficiency indicators have doubled thanks to you.”

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However, if you are writing about a place, a thesis may change in a process of work. Pay attention to preferences of a reader, their own vibe. Try to express everything you want to say at once. At the same time, a thesis should be definite. It is better to avoid complex words, solicitous sentences and embarrassing phrases. It is better to use a simple language when writing a text. At the same time, it is worth remembering about a time-tested rule: there should be no unanswered questions.

If you are going to accompany a project with a depiction, it is necessary to refrain from such traits as a character of a hero, a special image, the most attractive features. Such things are suitable for a summary. Detailed explanations are not allowed. You should provide regular explanations.

A detailed explanation can be useful. When a reader faces it, it is more difficult to convey their thoughts to them. It is advisable to use sentences that convey the meaning of a whole analysis, not only be bright and lively but also include words that transfer information, ideas, arguments.

Think about why an author created a book, what is a main idea of an artwork. Evaluate a plot and consider the main characters, moods of main heroes, atmosphere created by main characters, atmosphere due to them.

We hope that this article was useful and you will write a truly stunning academic paper. Good luck with your paper!

Writing About Genetic Engineering

Relevance of essays on genetic engineering is connected with the fact that the problems of biology and medicine dominate in the natural sciences of the last decades. The scientific knowledge is focused on the mystery of life, in particular, heredity and human variability. This determines the intensive activity of genetic engineers in the sphere of organizing biological, synthetic and hybrid biology.

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New discoveries made in laboratories around the world concern the decoding of the human and other genomes, the knowledge of the most complex mechanisms for the transformation of proteins. They determine the pace and direction of the socio-economic development of society, have a significant impact on philosophy, morality, law, religion and other spheres of culture, since they touch upon the problems of managing the nature of human and all life on Earth.

You may write in a genetic engineering essay introduction that, at the present time, this sphere is in the center of molecular genetics, with the help of which a purposeful change in the genome takes place.

Genetic engineering is an area of molecular biology and genetics. It is aimed at creating genetic structures according to the previously prescribed plan, formation of organisms with a given interval of DNA. Modern researches make a unique contribution to the study of the structural and functional organization of the genomes of various organisms. The methodology of genetic engineering is constantly being improved. More and more people use it in solving the most diverse problems of biological science.

The opportunities offered by this sphere to humanity (both in the field of fundamental science and in many other areas) are very large and often even revolutionary, which makes genetic engineering research paper topics extremely important.