How to write a descriptive essay?

How to write a descriptive essay?

Any responsible activity requires a plan, so you need to think through a descriptive essay structure in advance. It usually consists of three elements: introduction, body and conclusion.

A paper should have at least five paragraphs. Three of them are allocated for a body. There is no limit for a number of paragraphs. It all depends on length of your essay. But it is also not worth making a paper too voluminous. A reader may get bored because of a long description. It is better to clarify volume requirements when receiving a task from a teacher so that you will not have to delete extra information.

Descriptive essay thesis

Of course, you do not need to convince anyone of your opinion and prove something stubbornly in a paper of this genre. But still it must have a key idea, thesis statement reflecting a meaning of a whole essay. It will help readers understand why it is necessary to get acquainted with an appearance and properties of a particular object. A thesis should be provided in an introduction. It is also worth repeating it at the end to consolidate your idea in minds of readers.

If you are writing about a hero from a book, a thesis may sound as follows: “This impressive figure became an example and stimulus for self-development when I read a story about him as a child.” Next, you will have to tell in more detail how exactly a hero influenced your worldview, what features of his character attracted you.

Descriptive essay introduction

You should provide basic information on a topic in this section. Do it in such a way as to arouse interest of readers. Use a table with feelings compiled at a preparatory stage and try to influence imagination of other people. A thesis that unites an introduction and a body should be presented at the end of a first paragraph. You should specify initial thoughts, thoughts that come to mind in this way.

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You can use pieces of phrase that can be used in a poem or a novel. But do not fill a text with wordiness. It is better to use a couple of sentences.


It is the main and largest part of a paper. All arguments proving a thesis from a descriptive essay introduction should be presented here. In a shortest form, body consists of three sections (characteristics of a body and description of some attributes): introduction (description of a body), body (characteristics of some elements of a body) and conclusion (bibliography).

A number of paragraphs depends on number of criteria you selected for comparison. Use one of the schemes described below (block method or point by point structure). Link segments of a text by transitional phrases to get a harmonious composition.

You can provide opposing points of view at the end of a body and immediately prove their inconsistency on the background of your thesis statement.

Compare and Contrast Essay Conclusion

It is necessary to elaborate a thesis further and to summarize all the above arguments. So, you may propose the following question: why are the two or more partners meet in a single existence?

How to Answer the Question of the Presentation of Relations in a Family?

Relations between spouses are usually based on trust, love and mutual understanding of the basic values of the spouses. Sadly, some couples develop exactly opposite desires. These differences provokes intense emotions.

If you seriously consider a family as something that should be dissolved in order to live better in harmony, then you will not be surprised by the fact that marriage is not one of the most stable relationships in life. Marriage is a kind of the absolute personal choice of two adults, the quality of which depends on the totality of moral norms, mutual service and understanding of the interests of the spouse.

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The enduring practice of marriage helps to gain knowledge and understanding of the partners, their motives and desires, the inner meaning of each of them. During marriage, the basic moral values of the spouses are fundamentally changed. The inner image of the partner changes to the exterior one. The sacredness of the sacrifice is stimulated by the inner desire of the spouses to serve their neighbor, society and virtue.

As a result, the institution of marriage rapidly evolves becoming a kind of a family institution. The ideals of love, spontaneity, compassion, bravery, ability to live in harmony with own soul and feelings are acquiring.

Marriage evolves bringing to the forefront the importance of personal, intimate communication, the ability to express feelings and feelings. The modern model involves the joint organization of the marriage.

In some countries, for example, in the state of Rhode Island, a family is a social institution in which the husband is a beloved and the wife is the beloved. Thus, individuals are able to express their own feelings, ideas, aspirations, realizations, feelings of love, attract attention and justice.

Opening the Marriage

Social and psychological phenomena of marriage, their interrelation and influence on the formation of the individual identity are described in great details. So, you may describe their peculiarities in an essay about family relationships.