How to write a descriptive essay?

How to write a descriptive essay?

Any responsible activity requires a plan, so you need to think through a descriptive essay structure in advance. It usually consists of three elements: introduction, body and conclusion.

A paper should have at least five paragraphs. Three of them are allocated for a body. There is no limit for a number of paragraphs. It all depends on length of your essay. But it is also not worth making a paper too voluminous. A reader may get bored because of a long description. It is better to clarify volume requirements when receiving a task from a teacher so that you will not have to delete extra information.

Descriptive essay thesis

Of course, you do not need to convince anyone of your opinion and prove something stubbornly in a paper of this genre. But still it must have a key idea, thesis statement reflecting a meaning of a whole essay. It will help readers understand why it is necessary to get acquainted with an appearance and properties of a particular object. A thesis should be provided in an introduction. It is also worth repeating it at the end to consolidate your idea in minds of readers.

If you are writing about a hero from a book, a thesis may sound as follows: “This impressive figure became an example and stimulus for self-development when I read a story about him as a child.” Next, you will have to tell in more detail how exactly a hero influenced your worldview, what features of his character attracted you.

Descriptive essay introduction

You should provide basic information on a topic at a beginning of a paper. Use a table with feelings compiled at a preparatory stage. Provide an idea of a mood, provide examples.

READ:  What is also worth mentioning in a research paper on population explosion that, according to demographic studies, the population of certain countries in the world increased by 1.5 times in 2001. The USA, which was probably the richest country among the industrialized groups, possessed the highest indicator so far. Within the next 10 years, the population of many developing countries will be able to increase by 1.5 times.

You can provide an interesting fact or ask a question. Do not be too emotional. We all feel empathy for a fallen hero. But a thesis provided in an introduction should be made consistently. If you started with a introduction, it will be necessary to finish with a thesis and discuss it in a body.

  • This section has the largest volume. It should provide detailed and comprehensive answers to questions asked in an introduction, fully develop a topic, convince a reader that your opinion is correct. Divide a text into paragraphs. Each of them should include a topic sentence, arguments and intermediary conclusion substantiating a thesis.

    If you are writing about a landscape, explain that you took a picture of a forest taken from various photographs and depictions it on canvas.

  • A final section should remind a reader of all arguments briefly and put them in a form of conclusions. It is appropriate to emphasize a relevance of a topic, suggest ways to improve a situation, as well as explain how your findings may be applied in real life.

    If you are writing about a film, it is appropriate to finish it with a summary. Explain to a reader what you saw on a given night, tell how you plan to use the knowledge gained and how you plan to use it in a planted garden.

    We hope that this article was useful and you will write a truly stunning academic paper. Good luck with your paper!

    Writing About Population

    You may write in an essay on population definition that, in the most primitive sense, this concept means a group of people living on a certain territory. The size and composition of the population are among the largest areas of statistical research. They play an important role in the system of indicators for the planned development of the economy, culture, improving people’s material well-being, are used to assess the level of achieved economic growth, for the current and future planning of industrial, agricultural production, labor, etc.

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    Information for a “Statistics of population” research paper

    Writing an “Importance of population education” essay, you’ll have to describe the basic scientific directions in this sphere. The statistics is one of the most important. It is focused on the patterns of quantitative changes in the population. In accordance with this task, it studies the size, composition, and movement of the population, causes and factors of population change on various grounds (sex, age, social status, education), its migration, fertility, mortality, life expectancy.

    A specific feature of statistics is that in all cases its data refer to large groups. Characteristics of individual phenomena come to the attention only as a basis for obtaining summary characteristics.

    Reliable information support is needed to monitor demographic processes and evaluate the effectiveness of policy measures in this sphere. The main sources of information on the number and composition of the population are censuses and current population records.

    Explain in an essay on population that census is a scientifically organized collection of information in order to obtain data on the number, composition, and distribution of the population.