how to write a descriptive essay about a person?

how to write a descriptive essay about a person?

describe the person:
-his looks
-the way he acts
-notable features and characters or natures
-his personality
-positive and negative qualities or traits
-his likes and dislikes
-his talents, skills, hobbies, interests
-his principles, how he lived his principles
-his influence to others
-your personal impression of him

it’s somewhat like writing a biography.. just without the details about the story of his life but more of the details about himself.

it’s up to you what description of him or information you want to highlight. what you can write in your essay is not only limited to the aforementioned list. if you’ve thought of other ideas of how to portray the person, use those.

and about the format.. it’s the same as any other essay’s format. intro, body, conclusion.

just be free about what you’re writing and don’t feel restricted. 🙂