how to write a descriptive essay?

how to write a descriptive essay?
about the things your kids will or already missed out on while you were a young adult/teen. How exactly would I start this essay is my problem, I know what I want to talk about in it but I just don’t know how to structure it

An essay has three parts, a beginning, a middle, and an end. The first sentence of your essay should read. “About growing up as a child, how it should be and how it really was.” (expand on this focusing on a complete childhood and the ideal elements of it.)

The second part of it is should deal with the change from the ideal childhood to the childhood with the missing parts to it. Then, go on about the effects on a childhood with the missing parts.

The third part should be about how to remedy that childhood with the missing parts. Do you develop laws indicating that there should be only two children in every family. Should there be penalties for breaking the law? Should each state, or county, or community raise all the children in 24/7 schools where the parents may visit their children once per month? Should parents who raise their children with everything necessary for a full and complete childhood be paid for that? Should the parents who do not raise their children with a full and healthy childhood be shot, put in jail, or fired from their jobs?

Well, you get the idea? Good luck.