How to write a descriptive paragraph about winning the lotter?

How to write a descriptive paragraph about winning the lotter?
I don’t know how to write it pls help!

I’m sure you have a text book, read up on what a descriptive paragraph is if you don’t know already. You can always use the internet as well. The main thing with descriptive essays are that you must convey to your reader what you want them to see by being very descriptive about what you’re describing. With the topic of winning the lottery, start out your essay with the day in which you bought the lottery ticket. Maybe say something about how it was a normal day, describe how the temp was outside, how busy the store was that you got the ticket from, how the cashier at the store maybe took a long time, how he/she looked. Then when you get to the day that you find out you win the lottery do the same. Explain exactly how you would feel the moment that you read those numbers and discover that you win the lottery. Your hearts probably pounding as you read the first three numbers and they are all matches, then when you get to the last number and you realize it’s a winning ticket the World might stop..or you may get dizzy, or sounds may be really may hear the wind hitting the window, you may have sweaty palms, you may be breathing hard, you may be so excited that you bounce up and down like your a child in a bouncy house…Just use very descriptive words to describe things..then you can go on to be descriptive of what you’ll buy or do with the money.

I’m not sure exactly how long your essay needs so these are just examples.