how to write a english essay?

how to write a english essay?

This is hard to answer with out any info on what you’re writing about but…… if it says essay, go with the 5 paragraph essay. try this format. I’m going to use a persuasive essay on why cats are better than dogs.
First write what ever comes to your mind about you topic on a piece of paper (brainstorming). even if you write “I hate this topic” 10 times before you think of something, eventually you’ll think of something. So here is my brainstorming: smaller, soft, don’t have to be walked, can fit in my lap & cleaner.
1. Thesis / introduction. Clearly say what your essay is about, and introduce your reader to your ideas.
2. Reasons: Pick one or two reasons and talk about them here. Don’t pick your best reasons, like I might say I believe cats are better than dogs because they are softer and cleaner in the second paragraph.
3. Opposing arguments: here is where you write something that the other side might say, and then you prove them wrong. Like I might have in my third paragraph, “While some smaller breeds of dogs may be lap sized, those dogs are often yappy and nervous and not at all as snuggly as cats; take chiuawa for instance.” Or something like that. Basically, just try and show that not only are you right, but the other side is wrong.
4. Best Reason: In the 4th paragraph you write the best reason you have for why you believe cats are better than dogs or whatever.
5. Conclusion: Wrap up everything you wrote so far in your essay. Don’t repeat it word for word, say something like, “The smaller, cuddlier, and less messy cats are obviously better pets than the dog, even small yappy ones.

Good luck, hope this helped. 5 paragraphs are always the best way to go