How to write a family values essay?

How to write a family values essay?

The problem of values in the family has been awaken not only in the collective consciousness of the group but also in the collective consciousness of the individual. And this is reflected in the social role of the family as a “social institution” in the family.

In the family, the ideology of respect for the identity is higher than the ideology of material wealth, and, more than anything else. To some extent, it is an attitude towards the neighbor, the ability to share the burden of any kind.

The message of the younger generation to the younger generation, the theory of value includes the following features:

  • expansion of the ego, increasing the pride and exploiting the weaknesses of the individual.

  • Feelings of resentment, disappointment and pessimism. The young generation is inclined to impose on the older members of family the functions of the older generation: parenting, raising children, managing a family. In the process of age, the meaning of family is less important than the meaning of the family as a whole, because the personality of the person under the influence of the older members of the family tends to change.
  • People of lower age, being unable to realize their own aspirations, seek to establish the status of success through the family. The results of the struggle for the status are mistakes (low marks, gaps in education, social status, leadership, exploitation, oppression, domestic violence, etc.).
  • Disregard for the interests of the family, the desire for self-realization in the service of the community.
  • The desire for personal improvement. The results of the struggle for the status are mistakes (low marks, gaps in education, social status, child abuse, alcoholism, etc.).
  • Ways to improve the situation in the family. Such methods are a part of the strategy of social work with the aim of changing the attitude towards the family as a social institution.
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    The transformation of the patriarchal family into the modern family (although cultural norms on a patriarchal model) is the process of the last century. Sexual reforms of the past forced women to accept some limitations, and, first of all, they were subjected to domestic physical abuse. This opened the flood of domestic attacks, which worsened the life of all. In addition, traditionally, the older a man, the more attention he pays to the external features of women, their ability to look beautiful and follow the fashion trends.

    The results of a sociological research on family values for sexual orientation discrimination essay are the following: for men of non-traditional orientation, the family is a normally balanced institution which includes parents, children, brothers and sisters. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the gene pool is preserved. Genotypes of people are modified and improved.

    Gay Rights Movement Essay

    LGBT have fought a long time for their rights. Because of many social factors, gays and lesbians are a “gender identity” of most countries of the world. This phenomenon exists in cultures of Eastern Europe, as well as some countries of the Middle East. That is why many gay rights essay topics are focused on the issue of the inequality of people, gender roles, stereotyping.

    The problem of sexual orientation, like other biomethoses, is concepted by Freud very accurately. In general, the attraction to people of their sex is a core “factor” of the formation of the individual identity in the process of sexual orientation. That is why Freud was able to refer to homosexuality as a “common occurrence” in the consciousness of the patients.

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    The word “homosexuality” in its first description of sexual behavior did not exist until 1869 when It first appeared in a pamphlet written in the form of an open letter to the Minister of Justice of Germany. When the new criminal code of the North-German Union was developed, there was a debate about the retention of an article in it from Penal Code of Prussia, according to which sexual contact between persons of the same sex was considered a crime. The author of the pamphlet, Karl Maria Kertbeny (1824-1882), was one of the scientists, writers, and lawyers who initiated the development of sexual orientation ideas. The idea that the inclination towards people of their sex can be an integral and unchangeable characteristic, was new. Gay marriage human rights essay should portray how thousands of lesbians and gays found their professional orientation and discovered a unique “nature of being” no one had previously known about. Today, to be even more sure of the truth of these findings, you can state in a same-sex marriage research paper that hundreds of thousands of people have experienced the same feelings and emotions as same-sex couples. Even more, gay and lesbians have much in common with heterosexuals.

    The history of the issue of sexual orientation is the most extensive and significant. Nevertheless, the modern human society is not ready to treat homosexuality as something unnatural and unacceptable.