How to write a friendship sacrifice essay?

How to write a friendship sacrifice essay?

Despite the modern cult of self-sacrifice, the ideals of humanism remain unchanged in the spiritual and philosophical sense of the word. In ancient Greece, A. Socrates, as if he were a philosopher, noted that the friendship is primarily a emotional attachment of people, which relates between friends and each other.

The philosopher notes that “where the line between friendship and society is crossed every day is when a person does not know where to stay”. We clearly see the characters of the romantic love in which the feeling of love actually disappears, passes into a state of unconsciousness and grief. Circles of feeling the artificial nature of friendship, which make the life of the couple awkward, and the ability to be honest, work and love overcomes the relationship only when it is strong, solid and sincere.

So, we can say that the romance of a romantic couple is not a random emotional experience of a person but a part of the very nature of their personality. The nature of this feeling is exactly the reason for the preference of certain people over others.

While social life is often marked by the struggle of individual qualities and tendencies, the romance of a romantic pair is particularly strong. The strength of this feeling is generally recognized as the basis of the excellence of a person. His qualities and weaknesses, the inner world of his personality are recognized even by the highest values of the collective society.

The main feature of the marriage union is the attitude towards children. The value of children is higher than the interests of the husband (as in patriarchal society) or the mother (as in the modern family). The children become equal with their peers and descend into the ranks of the passivity of society.

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The most important psychological acquisition which may be described in essays on family values is the transformation of the ideal of the soul, the image of the child as an independent person able to think and love anything. Interest in the personality of a child is not only a way to draw personal attention of the individual to the group but also to a broader awareness of the value of the entire society.

The principle of individual freedom of speech, protection of self-respect and desire to achieve the desired goal is spelled out in the word “honesty”. In the framework of the law of potential reciprocity, it is asserted that each person agrees with the promises made in the entry. There is a legal entry in the marriage contract for the support of children. However, the marriage is primarily a social institution. All above mentioned legal forms of relation between spouses are observed in the process of actual play.

The business of marriage is aimed not only at the acquisition of material goods and interests but also at the cultivation of personality, the hope of equalizing the status of both partners and satisfying the needs of the family as a whole. Therefore, the main thing that motivates the couple to commit a hard-to-pass activity is own desire for equal distribution of domestic work, the desire for equal distribution of chores, and the desire for the opposite of allotted time. All these factors have typically been found in the literature of marriage research papers.

Thus, the goal of marriage is not just to have own offsprings but also to achieve the desired state of life, the perfect love, and the highest level of happiness, and the ability to bring their children to the perfect level.

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Got married? Don’t worry, especially if this procedure drew up by a psychologist would be considered as legalized form of relations. Indeed, marriage is a kind of relationship which arose between a man and a woman irrespective of any differences in the traits of the spouses – the equality of the level of satisfaction and emotions. Despite the fact that the institution of marriage is abolished in many states, its influence on the personality and ideal behavior of a partner remains.

The majority of couples who entered the union scientific or adopted in the modern form of relations do so not for the reasons

of kinship, not for love. Man and woman do not consider themselves as parents, as the dominant partner and “comrade-in-arms” do not consider themselves bound by family traditions. The best characterization of a spouse in the modern family (both in appearance and behavior) is the asymmetrical relations between the number of children and the dominance of husband in the family. The higher the level of family values, the less tendency of individuals to violate the norm of family ethics.

The value of the marriage is determined by the balance of interests of the spouses – their mutual benefit and need for full-fledged socialization. Through the family, generations replace each other, the latest and the oldest generation, the community forms its identity. The image of the marriage “glue” is far from topical. Only 1/12 of people mention about it.

Because of the constrained social system, the family suffers from a low level of culture in the cultural sense.