How to write a good admissions essay?

How to write a good admissions essay?
I’m applying to boarding school (Deerfield Academy and Middlesex School) for 9th grade. They require all applicants to write an application essayb about ourselves and what we would like them to know. I have no idea what to write. I do extracuriculars like playing piano, flute, I’m in Builders club, Math club, and I volunteer at the public library. Do I write about that? Are there any tips on writing a good essay that would get me accepted?

I don’t think you need to write an essay for Middlesex as part of their application. When you interview they will ask you to write an essay there. They also want a graded essay. Check their application. My information is a few years old, and they might have changed their process.

When writing an application essay, the most important thing is to give the reader another dimension about you — something that would not be known from your other application materials. Of course, it would be good to incorporate positive attributes that you have. The second thing is to stand out from other applicants, so that your essay is memorable.

Given the list of your ec’s above, why not pick something that happened with one of the ec’s. You can write about a character-forming event. Have you ever pushed yourself to excel and succeeded or failed? Think about something that changed you, and how you were changed. Don’t write about all the activities you do because they should be listed on the application.

Good luck!