How to write a good book/novel?

How to write a good book/novel?
I want to write a book but I cant think of a good storyline..what would be a good one? Its been hard thinking of one..I don’t know how to be original every idea I get is from another book..any advice?

Dreams, legends you’ve heard, conversations you’ve heard, myths, ghost stories, TV shows, books, magazines … all of those things will provide you with inspiration.

Just sit down with a pad and write down everything that interests you, whatever it might be. If you can’t think of anything, you’re not thinking hard enough.

Next think of your character (and no, you can’t run to Yahoo to ask for a character! You need to feel connected to your characters, and for that to happen you need to think of one for yourself!). Write down their past, their traits, personality, where they live, what they like doing … but don’t expect to have a full personality repertoire – the personality will develop as your plot moves on.

Take your time. Sometimes new writers seem to have an urgency about writing, thinking they’ll have to write a story that second. The fact is the best stories come from a writer who has taken time to think for themselves. Ask someone else what you should write and you don’t have a story, you have something like an essay or project. What’s the fun in that?