How to write a good college admission essay?

How to write a good college admission essay?
I need help.
I’m applying for an art school.
I’m majoring in Fashion & Retail Management.
This school focuses on your creativeness.

I haven’t wrote an essay in a while. It only has to be 150 words and why I think they should accept me.

What should the introduction/ first sentence be?
Should I use “I” in the essay?
Someone help me!

The most important thing is to understand what the purpose of your essay is and to understand your audience.

College admission essay is something very personal. Writing it should come naturally as you think about your ambitions, aspirations and goals in life. Writing down your dreams in an attracting manner is a good way to write a college A.E. If your goals are high enough then prove it in writing and make the ones reading the essay understand that entering college isn’t a joke for you.

Admission essay is the another ways of admission process of collage level. They are number technique at the back admission essay. Explain everything in a short and graspable way. Never be ornamental in writing the admission essay. Don’t play with words by artificially using a high language. Such a deliberate attempt will lead to the readers’ contempt. Try to impress them by saying things truthfully. You are here to prove that your personality is highly pleasing and gratifying. Your admission essay has got to declare that you are capable of doing something great. For that the essay should have a tone of absolute sincerity.

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