How to write a good English essay?

How to write a good English essay?
I forget how to write a good essay. I need to write one on Animal Farm.( I absoultely
hated the book and movie.)So what’s a good set up?Like, how many sentences in each?How long should it be?

You should start with a topic (theme) to write about.
The first paragraph should be the introduction which will include: a hook and your opinion or facts on the hook and the theme of the story that you are writing on.
The body paragraphs (at least three) should contain: a topic sentence (topic and opinion), concrete detail (evidence, proofs, quotes, facts that cannot be disputed, you’ll need at least two), commentary (reasoning, explanation, two per concrete detail) and finally you will need a concluding sentence that reflects the topic sentence.
Your conclusion should be a reflection of your overall essay (you should end with something that leaves the readers wondering)

for more detail on the book is useful for essays~