how to write a good ESSAY??

how to write a good ESSAY??
can anyone teach me how to write a good film essay??

hey. if you use the P.E.E.L method to write essays you will find it so much easier.
P- Point, make your point simple
E- Explain you point in further detail
E- Example, give an example of your point
L- Link, link it back to the question.

Here’s an example of a body paragraph of an essay using P.E.E.L
P- William is very persuasive. E- He can change peoples minds about things by just using words. E- One day a group of rich slave owners were taken on a tour around the dock. When they got back their boat was anchored next to the Madagascar, a slave ship. William explains to them what happens on slave ships like the Madagascar and then said this “remember the smell, remember the Madagascar, remember that God made all men equal.” You could see by the rich people’s expressions how much impact this had on them. L- This is my final reason as to why I think William is important.

Hope i helped =]