How to write a good essay?

How to write a good essay?
I’m taking AP Euro and they expect me to write at a college level. They ask me a question and I have to write as much as I can about it. What’s the best way to get a high score on these kinds of essays? Thanks!

Okay I hope this helps but here it goes!

Thesis- you need to start off your essay with a topic sentence. Try to explain shortly and most importantly, don’t EVER use because in your thesis. That means you are already writing too much

Details- try to include as many paragraphs of details as possible. So to make a paragraph, each paragraph would be one reason/ explanation. One detail in one sentence, get a quote that agrees with your reasoning, then explain what the quote means. Do the same for the next paragraphs.

Concluding- you should always have a ending sentence even though they don’t require one. Say something like “and this is why this is that is true” something along those lines NEVER conclude with “and this is the end of my essay. You will lose points probably..

Don’t add to much extra unimportant details. Put in important points. Best thing is to make a graphic organizer

Use good vocabulary. Use transition words like “first, in the other hand, even though”