how to write a good essay?

how to write a good essay?
for example…1st point, proof and explain…when we explain it is ok to put “this quote proves” or “It explain …bla..bla.bal

The first step is to decide what your subject is about. Then you need to determine your purpose and audience. Your purpose may be writing to inform, persuade, compare and contrast, entertain, etc. When you decided your purpose, you then tailor it to your audience. These are two very important aspects for writing. They help to govern what will and will not be included in your essay.

The next step is to pre-write. I like doing two or three different kinds, depending on what I’m doing. Brainstorm for ideas, list, create a venn diagram, develop an outline (usually a later step, to help organize), develop a web diagram, talk into a tape recorder. Do what ever you need to start your paper.

The Second pre-writing stage, should be some sort of organization. You do not have to stay to this organization. Instead its used to guide you as you write your paper.

Third, start drafting. Don’t worry about mistakes. Those will be taken care of later. Jut get your thoughts down. My suggestions is to write on paper, every other line (this helps with revisions), unless you absoulutley cannot write without the computer. There is no one area you have to start with. You can start with the body paragraphs, and then join them later with the intro and conclusion, or you can start with the intro, and work your way down. As you write your paper, remeber you need to support it well. Think of it as an elephant. If an elephant has 0-2 legs, it will not stand. Three legs will allow it remain standing, but will still be a little wobley. However, four legs gives it perfect balance.

Do not put in to much information, as your paragraphs may be come crowded with details. Instead, if it looks like you may have seval ideas that branch off and flow, then you might have several paragraphs in one.

The fourth step is to revise. This does not include grammatical, punctuation, or spelling. Those will be taken care of at a later time. Instead, concentrate on the major issues. There is a good acronym to help you remember what to do here: ARMS-Add, Remove, Move, or Start all over. Look at your paper and decide if you need to add information, remove it, move sentences to another location, or if you need to start all over again. Do not be afraid to start all over. Sometimes, are first efforts do not do the job. So instead, we need to rewrite. If you wrote it out on every other line, you will be able to add your revisions in the spaces not written. Make sure to use a different colored ink or pencil, to help you find the changes. Also, use highlighters, to color code your changes, if your a very visual person. If possible, have others make comments over your paper.

The final step is to edit. Once you have rewritten your paper, you need to then start looking for the minor mistakes, that prevent your paper from flowing smoothly. If you want, you can type it on the computer. There are many programs that will help with editting, if you are not sure about what to correct.

Good luck