How to write a good essay?

How to write a good essay?
I’m a senior in H.S. right now i’m filling out my application for A&M in college station. I’m horrible at writing essays what are some good essay topics for an essay that asks about an issue that is of importance to you?

It doesn’t depend on the answerers. It depends on you, the asker. Hello, my name Darla Candid. I am 36 years old. I finished college a while back and I could say that I have much experience. The key terms to writing an essay is to always stay on the topic of your essay, make sure your vocabulary is advanced enough for your level, no mistakes allowed, and it must make sense and be very neat when handed in. Whatever could be a great deal of importance to YOU is what YOU should write about. Maybe the most important thing to you at the moment is your mother, or father, or your brother or sister. Understand what I am trying to explain? If I were you, I would write about your mother. I am sure you’ve never known this, but your mother is very important to you. Even if you hate her, or if you love her so much. Your mother is the reason your are here. She gave birth to you. Took care of you. Helped you when you didn’t understand. Maybe you didn’t have a mother. So your father took care of you. But, it’s different. A mother’s love is different from a father’s to a daughter. Write about that. Or maybe you could write about a great and true friend that you have. Whatever you would to write about, honey. Just use the key terms given above. I wish you the best of luck! Bye, honey!