How to write a good essay?

How to write a good essay?
currently in English 4 class in high school and were doing a writing essay sample tomorrow. Haven’t been doing that much essays in my 3 years of high school so not much experience. Any tips on how to do a good essay?


1. Think of what you want to say.
2. Write it.
3. Read it.
4. Think about how that sounds to an average dude who never thought about it before.
5. Think about how you want it to sound to him.
6. Go to #2.

They just don’t teach this in classes. I tried to explain it to an English teacher once and he couldn’t even understand the concept. All he could say was “Well we have critical reading classes, if that’s what you mean.” No, I do not mean critical reading. I mean read your own stuff and judge whether it’s good enough to let some stranger read it.