How to write a good essay?

How to write a good essay?
I have English 2 honors and right now, I’m failing that class. I have a D. I have to bring that grade up to a C before October but don’t know how. We’ve been having tests and essays and the essays are especially bringing my grade down. I can’t write a really good essay that doesn’t deal with facts. Mostly the stuff that has t be written are facts and I still get a bad grade on it. This is my first time with English Honors and also honors in other classes, but the grade in this class, is worse than all of them.

I have no idea on what to do that can bring my grade up. Every time i come to that class, most of the students I’m around seem to be really educated and starter than I am, when i know we’ve been in the same classes since middle school, now a sophomore in HS.

What are some ways to make my essays be really good and also get good grades in them?

1) When transitioning from paragraphs, never begin with “first”, “then,” “In conclusion” or anything like that. Make your essay flow and transition nicely.

2) Limit your use of “to be” verbs. For example: I was angry. Revised version: I embodied fury.

3) eliminate “dead” words such as “good” or “bad” Be more creative with your writing, use a thesauras is needed

4) USE SUPPORTING EXAMPLES. If you say something, make sure you can back it up with cold, hard facts from the text/

5) Vary your sentence structure. Don’t use all simple sentences, or complex, or compound. Use a variety of types