How to Write a Good Essay?

How to Write a Good Essay?
We have to write this essay in my English II Honors class and I don’t really know how to write a good essay. I recently switched schools and my old school was really terrible and they never taught us how to write an essay the way they want it at my new school.
The topic by the way is:
“Think of a moment you’ve relived many times over. Something in your life that has impacted you in a positive or negative manner.”
I know almost nothing about essay writing so please be as detailed as possible. Thank you.

A good essay should have 5 paragraphs (intro,3 body paragraphs and conclusion)
should introduce your topic in an engaging way/with a hook maybe start out with a question. Also add backround info about the topic and explain what will be in the following paragraphs in your essay. And the most important is your thesis statement!! it’s what you think and your position on the question so for a good thesis statement to the question write ….
– I think/ believe that the most important event that impacted my life in a _____way was ______________because___________
back up your thesis statement give reasons or examples why it impacted your life (1 reason for each paragraph)
— sometimes a good essay has a counter argument where you look at different views but in this case you can’t——–
sums up your whole essay and gives your final opinion also restate your thesis statement at the end ( example) and that’s why …… (thesis statement)
hope this helped and good luck 🙂