How to write a good essay? ?

How to write a good essay? ?
I’m horrible at writing essays. We did this thing in class were my teacher gave a student someone else’s paper, and I knew who got mine an I heard what he said about it. And it wasn’t good. So how can I be a better writer?

Plan your essay out before you get started. Write your topic in a box. From that box, draw three lines out. Write the transition words you would use. Write your three points and write the sentences you plan on using. I’ll make a picture to show you what I mean. Picture (sorry I’m not creative):…
Use good vocabulary. NEVER start a sentence out with “I think”. You wrote the paper so everyone knows that’s what you think. Saying “There should be . . .” sounds much stronger than “I think there should be. . .”. Don’t use the words well to start a sentence, very, really, a lot, feel as a noun, kids, guy, real world, have, use, good, bad, great, kind of, sort of, such, I think, I believe, or in my opinion. Don’t use cliches. Don’t start sentences with there is, there are, that is, or this is. Do not say this is so great or so cool; in other words, don’t use so as an intensifier.
Start your essay with something interesting like a short personal story or a quote to get the reader hooked.
Good luck! (: