how to write a good formal essay?

how to write a good formal essay?

This is a good rule of thumb for any grade level:

Before you write: Write an outline. Consider the following questions:
-What’s your topic? (phrase it in a question)
-What is your answer to the topic?
-Why do you feel this way? (List at least three examples)

Start your essay in an outline form so that you can gather your thoughts.
Now you can get started on expanding your examples. You’ll find that your ideas are now flowing pretty well and you’ll want to start writing the essay itself. So, on to the basics:

First paragraph: The Introduction. Start with an interesting sentence to pull the reader in. State your thesis (main idea) and provide at least three examples to prove your thesis (main idea).

Subsequent Paragraphs: Start with the first example you put in your introduction and explain it with details in your first paragraph. Use a new paragraph for each example. If you’ve found that you talk about two of your examples in the same paragraph, you need to break apart the paragraph so that each example has its own. If you can’t, perhaps the two are too much alike and you need to find one more example/point to prove your thesis (main idea).

Final Paragraph: Your conclusion. Tell the readers a summary of what they just read. You should repeat your thesis (main idea) but not in the same words you used in your introduction.

In general, your essay should: tell them what they’re going to read about, explain what they’re going to read about, and then tell them what they just read. Also, in a FORMAL essay, never use personal pronouns such as I/me/my or slang words. Picture that you’re going to give this essay to your 70 year old grandmother. Will she be able to understand the words you use?

Transition words such as “therefore,” “however,” and “Additionally” help to make a paper flow better. Try reading the paper aloud as you write it. You should be able to read it fluidly. If there’s a part that seems jumbled, it probably is.… provides a good overview for a college-level paper. Aiming for a high goal such as this is good at any grade level. It helps you become a better writer and a better student. Also, ask a teacher if he/she could read over your paper sometime before a due date to give you pointers on how to strengthen your argument. Try to give them at least a couple days time to read over the paper and give it back to you.

Also, never use websites with free papers or those you have to pay for. Most contain glaring errors that any teacher will pick up on. Also, a lot of teachers are familiar with these types of sites and own software to check for plagarism. If you’re smart enough to ask for help, then I’m sure you’re smart enough to write a great paper. Best of luck.