How to write a good literary essay?

How to write a good literary essay?
I got a C on my last one and I don’t want that to happen again. The essay needs to be 3-5 pages and I’m in 7th grade. Also I’m writing about the book Dairy Queen. Please help. Thanks

On a separate piece of paper, or your planning paper, you should brain dump (AKA put down everything you possibly can about your subject) and work from that paper. Don’t forget that you need to indent each paragraph apon starting one! Keep the topic the same for each paragraph, but still try to include as many examples as possible. The main mistake most students make is that they go off topic by including personal examples. The instructors do not care about you. They need to make sure you know what you’re doing and can write a good essay. 3 to 5 pages is alot, and I’ve never had to extend an essay that far. Go with what this answer says, however, and you will do well on your next one.
Best of Luck!