How to write a good SAT intro for the essay?

How to write a good SAT intro for the essay?
I’m struggling on writing the intro paragraph of the sat. Whenever I ask people, they always tell me that I shouldn’t worry about the intro and work on the body paragraphs. Problem is, even when I read it myself I get bored by my own introduction paragraph. Sample essays’ introductions always seem so deep.

Are there any specific structures I should follow? Here’s an example prompt:

Should people take more responsibility for solving problems that affect their communities or the nation in general?

1. Slap on a title – This will wake up the person reading your essay, who grows through hundreds of essays per day.

2. Hook – See if you can come up with an interesting first statement to really grab your reader’s attention, and want them to read more.

3. Voice – Add some personality to your essay, making it as unique as possible.

“With the recession crippling the economy and causing many hardships for people across the globe, many look for a scapegoat in the national government; however, I personally believe that the responsibility for solving intra-community problems falls with the people themselves”

You want to soup up the very beginning of your essay because quite frankly, first impressions go a long way. Be sure to address the question! Constantly prove how your examples relate to and answer the question.