How to write a great essay?

How to write a great essay?
We have to write an essay on school violence for a school contest. it has to be really good because if you get first place you get 500 dollars!! I dont know how to start my essay off. PLEASE HELP!!

You will first need to do some research…(and NO there is no easier way.) (Some websites below are provided to review for general information.)

After you have done some research and have formed an opinion you want to emphasize, that is the time to start outlining and writing your essay.

Remember that if it is compelling to you, it will probably also be compelling to your audience. If it is to only be a written work, you can give more info. If it is to also be a presentation, you may have to stick to a few easy to express/remember points. If it is to be BOTH, be sure you have a good introduction.