How to write a killing

How to write a killing

The definition of this term “killing” exists in different hands. In the Old English, it meant the death of people, but since 1954, when it was used in a broader sense, it has changed. A murder is one of the most complex crimes, but nevertheless, has many transitive and idyllic aspects. The literature of sniper does not give an idea of this definition, but this concept has gradually increased in social consciousness. The psychological aspects of this problem were and remains popular. The enigmatic quality of murder, which disguises the normal sense of a feeling of fear, impatience and aggressiveness, the inconsistencies of the forms of performance of the act, the complexity of the material and the utmost greatness of its beauty, which alone is inferior to the bright and brilliant appearance of a murderer. The whole life of the murderer is characterized by a constant desire to escape from society, a desire to prove your rightness, and a consistent desire to take the victim’s position under the influence of an incompetent, unjustified, weakens. The whole appearance and behavior of the murderer is utterly unnatural, and the effect of his actions is initially expressed only in his external appearance. However, according to Freud, the life of a serial killer is invariably cruel. Due to his ability to create an image of a strong, impudent person, he has a superficial, weakling sense of respect for the rules of behavior, norms of conduct and respect for society in the first attitude.

Surrounding people immediately try to mitigate the most painful consequences of murder. They try to show sympathy, interest and care for the unfortunate convict. However, society can’t help it, and this is reflected in the emotional consequences of the whole incident. The criminal is freed from using the feelings of guilt, shame and respect for the initial conditions of his confinement. The virtual reality has become so common and is perceived as a set of real objects, the surrounding people treat them critically.

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The case investigated in court

Court cases are brought to the public consciousness. The killer is presented as a unifying force in the whole humanity because he fulfills his public duties in the public sphere, behaves as a member of society and is interested in the solutions of public problems. Read the opinion of the families of Guantanamo in the article about being against torture.

The public understands only one side of the problem of murder. The internal conflicts of the killer, the contradictions of his behavior and attitude towards the society are outwardly manifested. The psychosis of some representatives of this set the tone for the phenomenon of “virtual madness”, and this is reflected in the tragedy.

Another characteristic feature is the deep loss of knowledge about own desires. This phenomenon manifests itself in the fact that, in the midst of a crisis, a person can’t answer the questions about his life goals, wishes and finds it difficult to determine sources of pleasure. You can mark this moment as a turning point for argumentative essay on serial killers.

Losing of knowledge about personal priorities leads to a violation of the perception of own personality, blocks views directed inwards and depletes energy needed for self-development. In this regard, the role of personal awareness in the development of the individual is especially significant.

The case investigated in court shows the chilling effect of punishing actions against murderers: systematic cruelty, group punishment and up to six months in prison. This is a perfect example of application of the death penalty. The declaration of the withdrawal of Muhammad Ali and additional punishment for his part is recognized by the police and the judicial system as well.

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Fatality in the public consciousness

At the moment, the horror of absolute violence is being manifested in the media and social networks. The digital natives are easy to become victims of the evil around. The psychological consequences of this phenomenon should be described in essays on the impact of cyber violence on communities essay.

No matter how collective relations of the Internet are, personal information does not allow a person to build his own life. The internal conflict of the backdrop, which usually takes one another, is reflected in the collective conflict of actors in the field of cyber-social interaction. The internal conflict acts as a kind of collective psychodynamic reaction of the participants in the interaction. Its essence is manifested, which is the loss of the individual’s sense of self-esteem and self-awareness, the inability of each person to perceive own neighborly relations.

Physical and psychological isolation can be used as a way of punishing the individuals for committing crimes. The external isolation of people takes place due to the barriers between the outside world and the inner world of the victim.

The consequences of cyber-violence are felt by the whole community of people, including users, authors and users of services. Roughly speaking, within the framework of the internal conflict, each participant experiences the consequences of both actions.