How to write a killing in school essay

How to write a killing in school essay

If you are going to enroll in the US military college, you are probably wondering how to write a military essay that will be easy to read. The rules of writing such essays are pretty simple, even though, it’s quite hard to follow. The story you are going to write is going to be a part of your experience, so you have to devote a lot of time to it. The thing is that it is quite difficult to find some new info on the topic. However, the best way to succeed is to choose the topic that you are familiar with. So, let us jump into the hints and the first ways of writing a military essay.

Importance of military research

The history of the military field of study grows and develops now. The seeds of revolution are being harvested. The young people who have won the fight against their parents every day are thinking of how to cope with the inevitable aging of their families. Long before the child can be considered a adult, he needs to be able to kill with impunity. The army of each country creates the means of fighting for food and clothing. The equipment is advanced, the technologies are already in place, like equipment, drugs, alcohol, etc. This is what the military is designed for, which allows it to achieve everything perfectly. No time for disputes, no problems, and no old people.

The only thing that the belligerent countries want to have at the same time is an armament of soldiers. The army is designed for waging war, and not just for defending the world, but also for maintaining peace, manipulating the feelings of the enemy by other means. There is a perfectly natural order to which a person wants to bring their state, and every single war is conducted according to the rules of the world. There is nothing barbaric, and it is quite natural that the body of a soldier is formed and develops in accordance with the normal order, without any dysfunctions, no exceptions, and no irregularities.

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In accordance with these values, the United States Declaration of Independence sets the goal of maintaining free and democratic rights for the highest degree of freedom, and military service is designed to defend it. The main words of the Declaration are these words.

Among all other countries of the world, the United States is definitely ahead of other countries of the world in terms of political and economic. The history of the United States is the oldest among the industrialized countries of the world. The Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776. Only thirteen years later, it was proposed for consideration. The stock exchange opened the first business round in the United States.

The main postulate of the Declaration of Independence is disarmament of the world. America invented a new type of freedom. The freedom of the press, editorials, newspapers, forums, social media, the free flow of television and radio, the provision of water, electricity, gas, other free sources of information. All this is in the set of demands which correspond to the level of the development of the individual.

Today, every state of the world is more free than it was at the time of the movement for the elimination of slavery. The free flow of thought, views, freedoms expressed in the concept of human rights have not only deeply penetrated the history of the United States but also have become a reality.

There are no countries in the world which are less censored than the United States. In the framework of international legal regulations, the United States is one of the most liberal countries in the world.

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Freedom of speech

The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees journalists immunity even if they use data obtained via violation of the law. The US Supreme Court ruled that they cannot be prosecuted for its publication and do not have to name the source of the information.

In the American newspapers, there is a post of public editor who is responsible for communication with readers and for maintaining ethics in the published materials. He is not subordinate to the editor-in-chief.

The search of a representative of the media was authorized by the Ministry of Justice only for exceptional cases and only after prior notice. In 2012, the Congress created a Public Interest Declassification Board.

At the same time, it should be mentioned in “Democracy and human rights” essay that there are restrictions on freedom of speech. In 2011, the presidential decree created the task force on internal threats to prevent information leaks and enhance monitoring of federal employees.

In 2014, two citizens were convicted for a video recording on which they threatened to kill policemen in the form of a rap. The court considered that the First Amendment cannot be applied in such a case. Statements about the right of states to self-determination are sometimes punishable. For example, activists of organizations advocating separation of states from the US are accused of banditry, of carrying out organized criminal activities and receive long terms of imprisonment.

Voting rights

Active voting right is granted to US citizens who are at least 18 years old.