How to write a killing in the school essay

How to write a killing in the school essay

The study of force is one of the interesting topics for research. It is aimed at studying the interaction of teachers and students in the field of illegal behavior. The cause and effect of unlawful behavior in relation to schoolchildren should be considered in the first place.

Impact of school violence on children essay also will consider the problem of violence in schools. According to sociologists, there is a relationship between violence on the part of the victim and the aggressor: the environment (social and physical characteristics of the child, the medium or high level of health, family functioning, relationship with friends and so on. To date, this phenomenon just begins to become the subject of academic discourse. The topic is especially popular among children and students.

Given the fact that schools are places where both teachers and students have a sufficient share of responsibility, there is a high chance that each of them will face emotional abuse at least once. The causes of this phenomenon lie in the process of the family dynamics. The antecedent violence is expressed in a cycle of violence from within the family.

As a rule, parents have an unselfish and innocent attitude towards their children. They do not hesitate to use force and are inclined to blame the child for the results of the conflict. However, in some cases, adults resort to force after thinking about the advantages of collaboration. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to set clear boundaries between ownership and control over the wife.

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It is difficult to define the psychological consequences of family brutality. It should be noted in essays on domestic violence that, in most cases, they are associated with some kind of exaggerated self-assertion of the victim, the desire for transformation of the other person (usually, a victim). Such attitudes lead to the consequences of violence on the part of the victim and the offender.

There are several categories of cruelty in the family: child abuse; violence directed against the spouse; poor treatment of the child; cruelty is a pattern of behavior observed in a family. The peculiarity of this phenomenon is the need to continue to communicate, maintain a system of interpersonal relationships.

There are four distinctive features which may be mentioned in essays about domestic violence:

  • One of the main characteristics is the presence of recurring incidents (patterns) of different types (physical, sexual, psychological and economic). The pattern is an important indicator of the difference between systematic cruelty and simple conflict situation. In order for a family conflict to fall into the category of domestic violence, it must be repeated at least twice. If the conflict has a local isolated character, then the cruelty has a repetitive nature and consists of incidents that follow one after another. The conflict usually has some specific problem that can be solved at once.
  • The second fundamental difference between domestic violence and other aggressive acts is the peculiarities of the relationship between the object and the the the the recipient of such violence. Unlike a crime committed on the street by a stranger, domestic violence occurs in relations between close people, including spouses or sexual partners, children, other relatives.

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  • As studies show, domestic violence has a clear gender orientation in various countries of the world. Most often, women become the victims. Ladies resort to cruelty mostly after they repeatedly have been in the offended position. Often, women abuse force against men as a way of self-defense. They try to end the cruel male attitude towards themselves. Only a few women systematically use violence to rule over others. Not many wives have the physical strength necessary for this type of cruelty. In addition, women, unlike men, are deprived of cultural traditions.
  • It should be noted in domestic violence papers that, of course, not only woman suffers in a critical situation. Speaking about the danger posed by domestic violence and the extent of its impact, it worth mentioning that even if the violence is directed only against one person, all other family members are still exposed to effect defined by researchers as ‘secondary victimization’. Its essence is that the witness faces the same psychological consequences that the victim experiences. Particularly difficult emotions break the psyche of children who see how their father mocks the mother.
  • Some other characteristic features of domestic violence:

  • beginning in the family, abuse of force increases in frequency and degree of cruelty with each subsequent conflict;
  • violence alternates with promises to change the behavior and apologies from the offender;
  • while trying to break the relationship, the offender bet on the violence and demands an apology from the victim;
  • while the woman is threatened with death or sexually transmitted material, the offender claims that this is the first time that he has felt real love for the woman;
  • when the object is a child, the offender bet on his safety.