How to write a leadership definition essay?

How to write a leadership definition essay?

As soon as you are finished with your definition essay thesis and introduction, the body of your essay will be fairly easy to write. The main thing to keep in mind is that this part should be well-structured. You will have to include different points of view on the subject. It is important to show your personality in this part. That is why it is crucial to know how to write a leadership definition essay.

So, you will have to carefully analyze all available facts, check their authenticity, to report the date, time, persons involved, their positions and departments, the reasons for the incident, its essence and consequences. List the events in a true sequence, do not distort the details. It is appropriate to add recommendations for improving the situation, for example, toughening disciplinary norms, purchase of modern equipment, staff development, etc. Your message may be useful for further planning the work of the organization.

Types of workplace writing

The topic of the letter determines its length, style (formal / informal), design, audience, content (descriptive / informative) and other distinctive features. Each company can create its own rules for writing in the workplace that provide comfort and efficiency of internal operations. Usually, employees use the letterhead. Also, the message can be sent to colleagues by e-mail as a usual Word file.

Now, let’s talk about the most common situation that may serve as a reason for drawing up such a document.

How to report drug use at workplace?

If you notice that your colleague uses drugs / alcohol or that he is under their influence, it is necessary to notify the authorities. As a rule, report is sent to the personnel department or to the head of the office who take further actions. The informant may remain anonymous. Colleagues often begin to treat the person who notices the “extra” details with suspicion.

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But why, then, it is impossible to tell everything to the superior verbally? What is the reason for mastering workplace writing? The fact is that such a dialogue is slightly different from gossip. Still, the printed document is a more substantial information keeper that can be attached to the personal file of the employee. Later, the boss can use it as a basis for compiling recommendations for new recruiters. Also, such a paper will serve as evidence and reason for medical tests and the start of addiction treatment.

How to report nepotism in the workplace?

Nepotism is one of the forms of corruption, patronage provided to friends and relatives regardless of their professional qualities and benefits for the enterprise. It is a biased, unfair patronage of the “favorites”, transfer of beneficial positions to relatives to the detriment of the firm, the triumph of useful connections over competence, obstacle to healthy and efficient business.

The phenomenon of nepotism is due to the nature of human who is inclined to take care of his loved ones. From the point of view of professionalism, it often becomes the cause of business inefficiency, since the appointment of a loved one to the position makes sense, first of all, for his advantageous employment, and not for business benefits.

In most cases, attracted “godchildren” do not have the qualities corresponding to their post. It is not by chance that people say: “It is more important whom you know than what you know”. As a result of the widespread nepotism, incompetent decisions are made that threaten the development of all industries and the economy as a whole.

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An important minus of the presence of close people in the business is the lack of career growth for ordinary employees. In such a company, everyone understands that it is possible to grow only to the head of a department, and all top management consists of someone’s friends or relatives.

As a result, competent and ambitious specialists, instead of benefiting the company, learn, gain experience, and then leave. Thus, the firm is engaged in the education of personnel for competitors instead of raising its staff.

Having gained good writing skills in the workplace, you will be able to inform senior management about this phenomenon in a very soft and delicate manner. Well if there is a possibility to do it anonymously. No one wants to summon the wrath of a family clan having influential positions. There is a risk that you will be replaced by someone’s niece or brother if this group of people will feel threatened.

Workplace accident report

Industrial accidents are situations that resulted in damage incurred to material resources, employees or other persons involved in the employer’s production activities (including trainees and students) during the performance of their work duties, any assignments on behalf of the company, the implementation of other lawful actions stipulated by labor relations with the employer or committed in his interests in connection with the employer (including actions causing a catastrophe or qualitative losses). The workplace injury report can be devoted to:

  • bodily harm, including trauma caused by another person.