How to write a leadership essay?

How to write a leadership essay?

Before you start working on your essay, it is important to learn the basic concepts of the genre. A self-sacrifice essay is one of the common types of academic papers, in which the author expresses his own attitude towards other people or the phenomenon in question. It is necessary to follow some rules in order to write a high-quality paper.

Consider the following outline:

  • Introduction (including a hook phrase and thesis statement)
  • Several paragraphs that form the main part
  • As you can see, this paper has a standard structure that is similar to the format of other types of academic assignments. Therefore, if you have already tried yourself in the intro, it will be much easier to proceed to the main part of your assignment. There is also the possibility to add some part of the main part, which will show the author’s vision of the issue, provide a report on its basis.

    The main thing that the author should remember is that the central feature of the paper is the choice of the central theme. It is a foundation on which the theoretical and practical material, as well as the tremendous experience gained at the college and during internships, rests.


    The selection of the central theme is the most important part of the essay. It should be a mixture of the chosen topic and the issues to which the author relates. Therefore, it is not enough to simply discuss a topic. It is necessary to have a substantial view on the problem, as well as be able to express his opinion confidently. At the same time, it is not enough to simply talk about the issues. It is necessary to put forward a whole concept of the research, showing which positions are possible to maintain, and in which direction the research will flow. The example of the rule-rule rule is the rule of negative maxima. The rule is that only the most significant ideas, expressed in the thesis statement, are permitted in the introduction.

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    The most important role in the establishment of the maxima is the introduction of the thesis. It should be a brief description of the problem and its essence, consisting of 1-3 sentences. The thesis is not a fact, it is an idea of the author’s view on the phenomenon. You can use an example of the andro-argumentative essay on sacrifice where the author claims that, in the traditional sense, the sacrifice is a sacrificial love, which is expressed by a sacrifice in the form of a sexual act.

    maxima, as a rule, only consists of the title and the introductory part. The conclusion of a sacrifice essay summarizes the logic of the author’s arguments and the spirit of the sacrifice, its features and characteristics, the causes and effects of the sacrifice.

    Although, some authors bother to add something new to their discussion. In the end, it often becomes impossible to talk about something independently, for example, “Cultural traditions” of China.” It is better to provide some facts proving the effectiveness of the idea.

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