How to write a leadership essay?

How to write a leadership essay?

This type of academic assignment is similar to the previous, with the only difference that there are two temporary spaces in between the sections. In this case, the speaker is required to express directly both views on the subject, and then, you can divide the section into two remaining.

Generally, it is the case that a small presentation of the topic, consisting of several items, is enough. The main thing that you need to know is how to form the thesis statement on the basis of the section. Start with a strong conclusion that summarises all of the arguments and then to dedicate the section to one claim.

Do not forget that the main thing that you need to check according to the approach to the thesis statement is the logical connection between the chapters. Keeping in mind that each of that items has its own very special place and very specific structure, you will find it extremely difficult to connect them. Often the appearance of the thesis statement is delayed until the very end of the work when all the arguments are formulated in the course of writing. So it is very important to see that the logical connection between the sections is not destroyed at the very beginning.

Chapter 1 (Literature review) includes a required number of sections (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.). Their totality should provide comprehensive and reliable information on the topic. This data will serve as a basis for the further research. The above information will be helpful in several points.

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Introduction of chapter 1 (Literature review)

This part should be devoted to the assessment of the sources of information on the selected topic. The author of the leadership essay is required to assess the worth of the work under consideration, as well as any other assessments made by the research advisor. The speaker is also expected to tell the listeners about the concepts that he will develop in the course of the speech.

The main features of this part are the following:

  • Potential presentation of the concepts;
  • Affordable and comprehensive analysis of the sources;
  • The immediate applicability of the concepts;
  • Reasonable assessment of the average significance of the applied disciplines.
  • Introduction of chapter 2 (Theoretical research)

    The second chapter in the main part is theoretical, describing the concepts and theories that are appropriate for the current situation. Typically, it is an outline for research paper or a speech. However, if you have to write a serious research work, this approach is justified. The objects considered in this part must be solved in the final part of the work. There is always a solution to a particular problem.

    Conclusion of definition essay

    A final section should summarize the basic concepts of the paper. The conclusion should contain a summary of the main topic of the paper. You can use an interesting quotation or a spectacular question to encourage the reader.

    We hope that this article was useful and you will write a truly stunning academic paper. Review the finished work and propose your thoughts to the readers. Good luck!

    Writing About Animal Testing

    For a long time, many famous people struggled against cruel treatment of animals. Writers and philosophers (Goethe, Tolstoy, Voltaire, Mark Twain and others) opposed brutal scientific experiments. However, some scientists claim that they are conducted for the sake of good purposes.

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    What do you think about it? You have the opportunity to express own point of view in the animal testing argumentative essay. It is not by chance that the attention of young people is attracted to this topic. After all, the further development of science and society depends on them.

    The question of the admissibility of animal testing is a complex moral problem in the field of the relationship between human and animals. Humanity tries but still can’t solve it. Representatives of modern medicine argue that experimenting with animals is an indispensable source of useful knowledge, and without it, mankind wouldn’t be able to fight diseases.

    However, experiments on animals, which were started about 300 years ago, occupy a different position. The history of them begins with the time of the anatomy of Andreas Vesalius in the 1780s and takes two centuries: XVII and XVIII. This is the time of the first “banal” experiments on animals without anesthesia. In those days, public opinion rarely spoke out about the depravity of such experiments, although individual writers and scholars expressed their views about the experiment with animals.

    The time of the appearance of the putative prosthetic device was when, in the course of the first synthetic surgical operations, the patient needed to be alive to perform the operation. The experimenter determined the level of painless damage to the animal, tried to revive it at the stage of anesthesia. The patient was requested to lie on the floor in the presence of an air compressor in the unconscious state.

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    The first “thesis” is a wooden cylinder, the base of which is placed in the animal’s mouth.