How to write a literary analysis essay?

How to write a literary analysis essay?

It is at all times necessary to remember that argument is not a separate material but a kind of a complementary structure of creation, a part of which is combined with the words of other people. In order to understand how to say, for instance, the literary essay, it is also necessary to combine the answers to the questions about the topic proposed in the original research paper topics. First of all, it is necessary to indicate the main idea of the paper. Then, you should carefully study the materials on the topic, notice all the features of the topic and the ways of its disclosure. You can attempt to go deeper into the matter, to reveal its meaning, to explain how you understand it. The literary essay structure consists of three main blocks: introduction, literature review, and conclusion.

Literary essay introduction

The main feature of the literary essay introduction is that it should be written in such a way that the reader, having got acquainted with the problem, sees through the whole text without any problems. Moreover, such a text is characterized by the interest of the reader, which is expressed in the title which indicates the subject of the work.

To write such a paper, you should know the structure of the introduction.

As a rule, it consists of 2-3 sentences. There are some phrases which the author uses as hooks for essays. When talking about the literature review, it is necessary to indicate which books and authors were considered in the study, that is, the list of titles.

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Literary essay conclusion

At this stage, it is necessary to summarize the work done, indicate the results achieved, generalize the obtained information. The conclusions should be comprehensive and accurate. They are usually combined with the quotes from the text. When talking about the literary essay, it is important to note that you should write the final part only after all the body paragraphs.

So, as mentioned earlier, the literary essay structure consists of 3 main blocks: introduction, literature review, and conclusion.

The literary essay introduction contains the main idea of the paper, which should be presented through the items of the literary analysis essay. It should be short. Sometimes, an additional sentence is created. The main part of the paper should be divided into 2-3 sentences.

The literary essay conclusion, as well as the introduction, is built around the main idea of the essay. The conclusion is a very significant element of the whole paper. Usually, it consists of 5-7 sentences.

Note that the theme of the literature review is a neither proven nor incomplete interpretation of the problem of literature. Therefore, you do not need to reveal the completely wrong solution to the problem of literature. When working on an essay on literature, it is enough to refer to the examples from the literature, as well as to the comments of other experts in the field under consideration.

Now, let’s talk about how to write a literary essay. The preparation process will be repeated a few times. First, you need to understand the topic and find out what problems exist in the literature. Then you should study the literature, select the known literature on the issue.

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Literary analysis essay definition

It is a short paper in which the student considers a certain aspect of the work of art or compares several books, taking into account the rules of academic writing adopted at his educational institution. An important feature is the choice of a narrow issue in order not to transform the text into a dissertation. There are a large number of topics falling under the literary essay definition. You can choose one of the following directions:

  • Analysis of a problem, such as racism in “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The paper will focus only on this aspect, so the description of family values or the theme of growing up should be omitted.
  • Comparison of several heroes or books: Hamlet and Horatio, a description of a particular historical era by different writers, image of God / Devil / love / feat in various plays.
  • Analysis of the literary skill of the author. Usually, such topics are chosen by students of philological faculties who are well versed in special terminology and are able to evaluate the text not only from emotional but also from “technical” side. In such a case, a book can be compared with the picture. An ordinary person will see bright colors and beautiful forms on the canvas while a professional artist will assess the perspective, the shadows, how the author did brush strokes.
  • Literary analysis essay on a quote suggests the interpretation of a certain statement taken from the book. A popular example is Hamlet’s “To be or not to be?