How to write a literary analysis essay?

How to write a literary analysis essay?

It is at all times necessary to study a literary work, assess its design, composition and in many other ways. The author of the literary analysis essay must:

  • consider a target work, examine the main ideas that the author sought to convey;
  • know the main characters, the events that happened to them;
  • describe the atmosphere and atmosphere of the Shakespearean tragedy.
  • The literature of the United States of America is the youngest among the developed literatures of the world. Apparently, that is why, from the very beginning, it insistently, with haste and not concealing its intentions, was looking for the answer to the question of what is a literary essay. The difficulty of the tasks that have been assigned to it from the very beginning has nothing to do with the methods that the author used. The author is not a philosopher that comes to a post of literature for some new insight. In the search of the answer, its being is required, as the very essence of the genre and the very concept of the work.

    In the US, serious literature has always sensitively perceived reality (the course and contradictions of national life) and a motley spectrum of ideas about it. In this sense, it is one of the most realistic literatures in the world, because it was born “on earth not cluttered with dams of abstractions”. Its artistic potential was revealed most vividly in the collision of the real and the imaginary factors. It can be said so: in its highest manifestations, US literature stands on the disagreement of American history and the American Dream.

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    When writing a positive review for essay that explains how Americans’ beliefs make it possible for them to pursue the American Dream, it is worth emphasizing that, in US literature, there is no shortage of attempts to present the American Dream as the basis of national democracy, and its founders – as prophets and dreamers.

    The first fixed American Dream was the image of a small ship crossing the raging ocean with passengers on board. They could hardly believe that the day will come when they would be remembered as pioneers and “Mayflower” would symbolize the “birth certificate” of American democracy. The greatest American Dream is described by the majestic lines of the Declaration of Independence which is based on the Constitution. US nation is the only one in the world that is proud of its ideal and which gave it the name “American Dream”.

    Some litterateurs believe that the notion of American Dream is relevant only to the distant past of American history and is completely inapplicable for the XX-XXI centuries. You can call this conclusion quite hasty in “Is the American Dream still possible?” essay. In fact, the current state of the American Dream, its evolution and transformation into “American tragedy” are also inside the field of research.

    Another concept considers the entire history of modern American literature, beginning with T. Dreiser and ending with the works of the 1970s. It is difficult not to agree that the topic is not exhausted, the literature must return to it again and again comparing the Ideal with changing reality, penetrating deeper into the existing contradictions, the dialectics of social processes, phenomena of psychological and moral life which are somehow connected.

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    In the course of the study of modern American literature, interesting attempts are being made to define the American Dream: this is the total idea of America’s ideal future arising in the works of US writers, beginning with Cooper and ending with many modern prose writers.

    Analyzing the American Dream, its social and historical content is described in a clear and concise form. The whole idea is pushed aside, almost in the same way as is reflected in the images of the ideal, in particular, with its idealogical level.

    The US Dream essay should describe such trends of our time. The modern American Dream is the result of a number of positive factors. They are all related to the idea of the American Dream.

    The concept of the American Dream is highly valued in the marketplace of ideas. The channels of communication with the outside world are new and accessible for everyone. The Web is very accessible to everyone. As a rule, almost everyone uses this network in everyday life. There are many ways to search for information, and many users often believe to be factual, the same with ideas. Everyone takes them in their own way.

    The Internet is a fairly free network which allows almost everyone to get information on the level of their profession, even in the virtual space. The Internet is very convenient for everyone. Anyone can create a personal account, conveniently stores data, thoughts, etc. Using the Internet, everyone can get a report on the behavior of their favorite authors and papers.

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    To make the life of the typical Internet user easier, T. Nordell, the founder of the website Pro-Papers, considers the main advantages of the modern Internet:

  • Surrounding people are not limited from the information provided by various websites.