How to write a literary comparison composition on….?

How to write a literary comparison composition on….?
Two novels’ themes and another one on a novel’s theme and a poem’s theme. Please no recommendations to essay services. I just want guides on how to write them. Thank you.

Start out discussing the similarities or differences between the two that you feel most comfortable with, the ones that you know you can say the most about. It really depends on the subject of these literary works how you approach them, but you could start off discussing the similarities in subject matter or devices. If they both discuss the same topic, that can be really beneficial for an essay. If not, stick to discussing their techniques like metaphor or even structure, which could be the words’ physical breakdown or the way in which these tales unfold. This is quite a bit different than writing a single book/poem essay where you’re expected to delve rather deeply into the piece. Unlike that, you really want to keep it more basic and simple. Look for basic similarities like writing style and time period. This is one instance where you don’t really want to force the similarities or differences to be there; it just doesn’t work well.
Best of luck with the essay.