HOw to write a Literary Critcism?

HOw to write a Literary Critcism?
Im in honors english for high school. We havnt learned about Literary Critcim yet. But i have an essay due on it for Fahrenheit 451 tomorrow i dont know how to write one or how to write one for Fahrenheit 451 could u please help me

There are different ways of writing Literary Criticism, which one you choose will depend on what you want to achieve.

But since you have just been thrown in at the deep end, with no direction offered.

Ray Bradbury didn’t just write Fahrenheit 451 for the lulz. He thought he had something important to say, and he thought a story was the way of putting his idea across. What do you think the message of this story might be (and why do you think he chose to pass the message in a story, and not just give a sermon in his local church)?

Do you think people can learn any lessons from the story in Fahrenheit 451 (do you think you did)? Does the society in Fahrenheit 451 seem to you like modern America (or does it seem like some other country you know of)?

Fahrenheit 451 is mainly a story about burning books. Do you know of any societies which burn books (or any societies which ever burned books)? Can you think of any people or movements today which would like to see some books burned? Do you think that burning books is a good idea? Is it always a good idea, or sometimes a good idea? Could it happen in America today?

Do you think Ray Bradbury believes that burning books is a good idea?


You don’t need to deal with all these questions in your essay. You should probably just read them over, then think about each one for maybe two or three minutes. You will then know which points interest you, and you will likely find that you have more to say than you can get into a class essay (it is always good to have too much to say).