How to write a literary essay?

How to write a literary essay?
Hi, How do you write a literary essay? Do you talk about a story and explain it? I have written a descriptive essay about “The Subway” painting and explained its meaning. Is the literary essay similar to the descriptive? I have 3 stories, and my professor has asked the students to pick one story or 2 stories and make a comparison between them. She wants us to talk about 1 element only.

Plot, Point of View, Character, Setting, Symbols, Irony, and Theme.

Could you give examples please


Start with an attention grabber. For an attention grabber, you can use a quote, interesting fact/statistic, an anecdote(short story), or a definition of the word
After that, include the author’s name and include the title of the story.W
Write a brief summary of the story — let’s say if the reader didn’t read it.You would want to give them some background information so they aren’t clueless.
State your thesis statement — this tells the reader what you’ll be talking about. It’s an argumentative sentence that states your opinion on a specific topic.

Body paragraphs:
Use proper transition words. You want everything in your paper to fit together perfectly.Use transition words like first, next, last, overall, etc.. If you want a longer list, you can Google ‘transition words’ and it will give you a long list.

Include a topic sentence. The topic sentence is the guiding sentence of that paragraph. It tells the reader what you’ll be talking about.

With most teachers, you have to have a quote in a literary essay. If you have to have one, you can’t just put it in there. Before you put in the quote, give the reader some background info such as what has just happened and where they are.Then you would say, so and so says,”……………..” Then remember to do a proper in-text citation. Put the author’s last name first, then following that, put the page number, in parenthesis before the period. Lets’ say if the author’s last name was Jones, and you found it on page 64, the in-text citation would be (Jones 64). After you write the quote down, remember to explain it.What’s the meaning of the quote? How does it relate to the topic?

Then end each body paragraph with a concluding sentence(s). Let’s say if you decided to talk about a major theme seen in all three stories. You would explain how this idea supports the theme.

Restate your thesis, but reword it from the introduction
Wrap up everything you just said.
End with a concluding sentence. You need to finish your paper out strong and leave the reader with a lasting impression.