How to write a literature on population

How to write a literature on population

It is difficult to do without people, and they react to external influences rather than to inner qualities. Otherwise, our postulates would be in the opposite situation – trying to reduce the population, but letting it grow. Eventually, the population will always be able to run the world economy, and only the best solutions to its problems. The main postulate of population is reproduction – the desire for a child, the right to reproduce the genus.

However, there are very few such characteristics. The quality of a person is determined by the uniqueness of the profession, in connection with the position in the social hierarchy, political systems which determine the privileges, and therefore the content of social roles.

We may consider in a population problem essay that, in the collective sphere, the rights of members of the population are determined. The level of their participation in social production depends on the uniqueness of the national concept, the cultural heritage of the majority of the world population.

Given the fact that the population is a social group, it is important to consider it from different perspectives. To this end, it may be said that, in any part of the world, the share of any social roles is typically declining. The types of freedom of activity in the community of society, the scope of individual opportunities and material rewards depend on the degree of social control.

The research paper on population control should describe the life-cycle of the population as a dynamic process. It is assumed that the population, having ceased to experience any social pain. Within a short period of its existence, it began to experience real hunger, to need material goods to survive. And most importantly, the first signs of the approaching famine were visible.

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Mention in a population explosion essay that, in the weeks of the famine, the population grew more than 1.5 times. The largest increase in the population was observed in the western part of the United States. At the same time, the material resources of the population were carefully examined and a number of methods for limiting population growth was found.

There are methods for maintaining a low population growth rate, which are primarily applied in the countries of the third world. Despite the lack of permanent population, almost constant population growth is maintained. Mention in an essay on population explosion that, in countries of the third world, the population declines by 1.5 times. However, in eastern countries, the decline in the birth rate occurs almost immediately after the onset of hunger, and the number of people falling into this problem grows rapidly.

Among the countries of the largest third world, China is characterized by the highest indicator. According to the data of the country, the population of the country is 1.75 times higher than the population of the states of the most important Asian countries. This circumstance is practically impossible to correct within the framework of any normal economic model.

It’s worth stating in a population control argumentative essay that the family is the most common and important institution among the social group of family members. The function of the family is to bring up and maintain the children, to take care of the elderly relatives. In this way, the, in its turn, serves as a social institution with an important function in the development of the individual.

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The number of people with whom the family has common daily contact is different for each group of family members. The level of cooperation with the relatives is higher, and the social roles of the spouses are usually more significant than the interests of the individual.

The family acts as a cultural community – a group of people which is connected by a certain unity of life priorities, ideas, relationships with society. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the tradition of patriarchal service prevails over the tradition of individualism.

Weekly communication with relatives takes place in the family. The individual asks relatives to provide him with moral and emotional support in the difficult situations. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the best and the strongest become the followers.

Religious circles criticized Malthus for his views regarding the relationship between children and parents. The Church believed that anyone can become a parent. But unlike the biblical image, the modern family is not a “new Adam”. It is not a created social institution but a complex collective organization, a multi-organizational work of the people, differing from the older generations, based on the traditions of the clan, universalizing the genome of the genus, the gene pool.

It should be noted in a population control argumentative essay that, in the light of the problems of population, Malthus’ ideas seem to be worse than anything else recorded in the history of the family. The psychological content of the post-traumatic stress disorder is characterized by the difficulty associated with the feeling of fear of loss of the meaning of life.