how to write a metaphor essay?

how to write a metaphor essay?
an essay on what metaphors are and how to use them


Metaphor Essay
My writing is like a little kid telling a story. All little kids do when telling a story is exaggerate on all the details. “They walked miles.” “They ate tons.” The monster was as big as a house.”, every time I write I use my own form of exaggerating, procrastination. I am always the last minute student when it comes to work. Given I complete things well they are usually just barely on time or late. Sometimes my assignments never get completed at all.
This essay for instance, it’s Thursday, February 17 and I’m just starting. I already had almost a week to do this particular assignment and it was due yesterday. I exaggerated how long it was going to take me, how hard it was going to be to write and anything else that would put it off just a little bit longer. Now that I’m started it looks as if it’s only going to take me maybe half an hour to finish, then I want to kick myself in the *** for being so stupid by putting it off for so long. I say next…

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