How to write a narrative essay?

How to write a narrative essay?

It is best to start with the narrative essay introduction. As a rule, it contains several paragraphs. Each of them begins with a thesis stating your thesis and supporting it with arguments.

  • A narrative essay body consists of at least two paragraphs. However, you can write as much as needed to fully cover the topic, or stick to your teacher’s requirements, if there are any.
  • In conclusion, you need to summarize the main results of your research, summarize the main points explained in the text and suggest ways for further development of the topic.
  • Thanks to the narrative essay format, you will be able to impress the reader with the fine and outstanding content. The minimum of formalities is maintained in this paper. All the parts should be logically connected with the main idea.
  • The narrative essay conclusion is a summary of your findings based on the facts presented in the text and the conclusions outlined in the paper.
  • We hope that this article was useful and you will write a wonderful paper. Good luck!
  • Writing about friendship

    The importance of friendship in social psychology is not lost with time. Questions about the specific features of interpersonal relationships, the mechanisms of their formation and development continue to interest researchers. This is due to the understanding of the relationship between people and the objective reality.

    You may start the essay about friendship for students from the statement that this is one of the most significant spheres of life for the young people. All psychologists are united in recognizing the importance of communication with a friend in the formation of personality in adolescence. This period is very significant for the manifestation of the basic structural components of the personality. The formation of the future mature individual depends on the way in which the communication develops.

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    Therefore, your essay about friendship will be very relevant. The interest of scientists increases sharply at current stage of society development when there is a rapid change in social relations, the nature of personal interactions, moral norms, values, etc.

    Theoretical approaches for the essay on friendship

    Throughout life, each person has to communicate with other people. Communication occupies place of one of the basic human needs. This is an information and physical interaction in the process of which interpersonal relationships are formed.

    When people interact with each other, their personal qualities manifest themselves. The interpersonal relationships are being developed. The most important feature of interpersonal relationships is their emotional background. This means that they arise on the foundation of certain feelings that people experience in relation to each other. These feelings can be close and unite people or disconnect them.

    Delving into interpersonal relationships while writing the value of friendship essay, you should emphasize more intimate communication: compassion to each other’s problems, the opportunity to share own spiritual and practical essence with others. Intimate-personal communication arises under the condition of common values of partners, and sympathy is ensured by understanding the thoughts, feelings and intentions of the other person, empathy.

    Thanks to sympathy in intimate relationships, the individual’s self-actualization is carried out. To the greatest extent, it is stimulated by the higher forms of interpersonal communication: friendship and love.

    Personal communication is a system of interpersonal interaction in which the communication of individuals, the exchange of information and ideas takes place. Personal relationships are the most important instrument for this purpose.

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    The phenomenon of interpersonal friendship is typical for societies with a stable social system. On the basis of self-respecting obligations, a person is able to receive satisfaction from interpersonal contacts.

    Despite the fact that modern society lacks emotional warmth, it is nevertheless able to use this type of interaction to achieve high social mobility. In countries with a rich history, the middle class is able to maintain its position. The movements of the middle class have always been determined by the position of the society in the social hierarchy.

    In the period of the growth of the middle class, its position is significantly higher than in periods of the lower class. In the 1920s, the real wages of the middle class were three times higher than the salaries of the lowest class. In the 1930s, the average income of the middle class was 16 times higher than the incomes of the lowest class.

    The potential of economic growth in the 1990s was even more convincing than in the previous decades. The rapid pace of economic change has caused a dramatic change in the value of the middle class. In 1994, in the US, the upper and middle classes constitute a solid majority (2.2 percentage) of the population, which, in 1996, the upper class of the US population received 14.4 million dollars. The income of the middle class increased by almost 20%, and the level of the income of the lowest class – by 30%.

    The characteristics of personal income in the 1960s were somewhat higher than in subsequent decades. The share of the middle class in the income of the lowest class increased. The incomes of the middle class were almost double in the 1960s and exceeded the incomes of the lowest class in the subsequent decades.