How to write a Narrative Essay?

How to write a Narrative Essay?
Ok its been a year since I went to school , and now that I’m back I’ve forgot many things, Like writing a narrative Essay. I’m supposed to write about a challenge I overcame. I have an idea but I forgot the structure to write a narrative essay, and to top that I need a minimum of 600 words in the essay. please help?

So I usually write essays that are five paragraphs, but that is probably longer than 600 words, but you did not say a maximum. The first paragraph is an intro. you just introduce the contest of the story. It is basically telling the reader what you are about to tell them. Then the body paragraphs(you don’t have to have three, but for some reason it is good to have an odd number of body paragraphs) are where you tell the story about the challenge and overcoming it. Then you have a conclusion paragraph where you wrap up the story, write any thoughts you want to add about it, etc. It is like telling the reader what you told them.
At my school we usually write interpretive literary essays, not narrative essays, but i think that some of the points are the same. I do well on aims, so this should help at least a bit on format.
Hope this helped;-)