How to write a narrative essay?

How to write a narrative essay?
I have to write a narrative essay on a moral dilema i’ve had. Is there any rules to doing this. If it sounds like a story is that bad? What does not constitute as a narrative essay?

Basically, a narrative essay is like a story.
You have to have a plot, character(s), setting, climax and ending.
Since it’s a story it should have precise details, considering yours should be from a personal experience this won’t be a problem.
You want to stick with a specific point of view throughout your entire essay.You should be sure to make a point, and make sure the rest of your story supports that point.

If you’re writing about a moral dilemma you should define that dilemma and be sure that the rest of your story supports that. Otherwise you won’t have a nice flowing story.

You could try and make your story relateable in some way, that could keep readers interested. But make sure that your essay is interesting and vivid, and conveys some sort of story.

If you do all that, you’ll have a perfect essay!!
Good luck:)