how to write a Narrative Essay?

how to write a Narrative Essay?
I was asked to write an narrative essay about a personal/ family experience. honestly, i have no idea. can anyone give me an example please.

also it said to Choose an experience that has had a significant effect or made a lasting impression upon you.

A narrative essay is so easy! Because… a narrative means that there’s a narrator… and there is almost always a narrator in a “story” essay. Basically, TELL A STORY!! :]

So don’t even worry about THAT part!

You could write about a lot of things:

The death of a loved one.
The birth of a child / new family member.
A wedding / joining together of two families.
A family reunion.
Meeting a long-lost relative.
Your prom night.
A first date.
A trip or a vacation.
A sporting event.
A performance.
The first day of school.
A particularly memorable summer.

Anything that’s been a memorable experience for you!

By the way, if you are writing this for school (which I’m most certain you are!), structure actually does matter! It depends on your teacher, but try this:

Introductory Paragraph: Give a brief introduction to your topic. You can start with background info, or just give a little taste of what you will be writing… this will be the simplest thing!

Body Paragraphs: I’m not sure the required length of your paper, but you should have a separate body paragraph for each topic. For instance, if you choose to write about a vacation, you can do 1) your arrival 2) the vacation itself 3) the departure.

Also, try to order these either chronologically (in time order), OR in progressive order (order of importance). You might want to start with a simple point, and end with a BANG! Or, you might want to do the opposite… start with a bang to get your reader hooked, and then go on from there.

Conclusion: If this is a middle school or high school level paper, a summary should suffice. You might also look to the future or make a prediction… For instance: “It is now my goal to travel to as many places as I possibly can!” Or, call your reader to action! “It is important to experience new things, therefore, one should seriously consider broadening his horizons and visiting new places.”

Good luck with your paper!