How to write a narrative essay?

How to write a narrative essay?

It is quite difficult for novice authors to remember all the features of a narrative essay format. We recommend you to familiarize yourself with the tips and tricks of writing a narrative essay before applying them in the real life.

  • Narrative essay introduction
  • The introduction is usually provided within an hour. You can provide it within an additional half an hour. Once you’ve got familiar with the features of a narrative essay, the introduction should be short, concise, clear.

  • Narrative essay body
  • Divide the main part into two or three blocks. Each of them begins with a topic sentence. These blocks should have transitional sentences between them. It is recommended to start the first block with a creation of a new topic. Then you should gradually move on to the main part, having made a transition in the first part. While describing the logic of the narrative essay structure, you should always keep in mind that you should not overload the reader with unnecessary information. Repeating the information which the author used to describe the event. If the main part is too voluminous, it should be presented in a single text. Then the author will not have to work hard to represent the whole world of the plot in the limited space of the paper.

  • Narrative essay conclusion
  • It is necessary to rephrase the main part and thesis statement of the paper, as well as highlight the importance of the topic. The conclusion is necessary to summarize the reasoning and results of the research, as well as provide some recommendations on further actions.

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    We hope that this article was useful and you will write a high-quality paper. Good luck!

    Writing About Animal Testing

    For a long time, many famous people struggled against cruel treatment of animals. Writers and philosophers (Goethe, Tolstoy, Voltaire, Mark Twain and others) opposed brutal scientific experiments. However, some scientists claim that they are conducted for the sake of good purposes.

    What do you think about it? You have the opportunity to express own point of view in the animal testing argumentative essay. It is not by chance that the attention of young people is attracted to this problem. After all, the further development of knowledge and practical activity depends on them.

    The question of the admissibility of animal testing is a complex moral problem in the field of the relationship between human and animals. Humanity tries but still can’t solve it. Representatives of modern medicine argue that experimenting with animals is an indispensable source of useful knowledge, and without it, mankind wouldn’t be able to fight diseases.

    However, experiments on animals, which were started about 300 years ago, occupy a very small segment of the history of medicine. Science has achieved significant successes in different epochs without using experimental data.

    The word “vivisection” (operations with living animals for research purposes) comes from Latin “vivus” – alive, “sectio” – cutting and means “cutting a living thing”. You may stress in research paper against animal testing that, to date, this area of medical science represents one of the darkest spots on the conscience of mankind, because brutal experiments continue to be carried out in industrial scales.

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    The history of experimental medicine for animal testing essay

    You can use the historical overview as one of the interesting topic ideas for animal testing essay. There are three stages of development of experimental medicine.


    The first stage begins with the time of the anatomy of Andreas Vesalius in the 1780s and takes two centuries: XVII and XVIII. This is the period of experiments on animals without anesthesia. Anesthetics were discovered only at the beginning of the XIX century. Such experiments were called vivisection and characterized by extreme brutality. In that era, public opinion rarely spoke out about the cruelties of vivisection, although individual writers and scholars expressed their indignation about the vivisectors.


    The second stage which should be included in animal testing research paper outline falls on the XIX century, when public speeches began to condemn the experiments with animals from the standpoint of ethics. In the XIX century, the social movement began to protect animals, and the first organizations aimed at stopping the cruel tests were created. In 1878, in Great Britain, the first law in the world on the protection of experimental animals was adopted. It regulated the work with them, prescribed the use of pain medications.

    However, cruel experiments continued in the XIX century. Charles Darwin wrote that the thought of them did not allow him to sleep at night, caused nausea. The experiments of Claude Bernard (who is famous for ingenuity with which he tortured animals) can serve as an example of such brutal procedures.

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    He studied the effect of high temperatures on animals: placed dogs in special furnaces and watched as they were dying. Animals perished at temperatures of 90-100 degrees Celsius. Bernard wrote that they always had the same characteristic symptoms.