How to write a narrative essay?

How to write a narrative essay?

It is necessary to observe the literary tradition in which a narrative essay format is formed. The plot is created in the introduction. As a rule, it consists of one or two sentences. Even if you have to include several sentences, this length is sufficient.

In the narrative text, the main role is played by verbs. They ensure the dynamics and visual presentation of successive actions, the course of events in time and space.

Increased attention should be paid to the explanation and consequences of the visual material that is used to illustrate the story. Here, you should describe the effects of learning to draw convincing, hand over necessary material, as well as provide a convincing outcome.

Remember that you have to write only in the genre of the author. Then you will be able to show the reader the inner world of the tragedy and, for example, tell about the events that happened to you. In order to present the author’s worldview, his words must be recorded. The narration is conducted exclusively in a reserved tone, without an excessive emotionality.

To create a stronger effect, the author should have the audacity to speak his mind. Even if it’s just a story, the audience wants to hear the inner voice not muffled by muffle.

Now you know how to write a narrative essay. We hope that the above information will help you write a quality paper. Good luck!

Writing About Genetic Engineering

Relevance of essays on genetic engineering is connected with the fact that the problems of biology and medicine dominate in the natural sciences of the last decades. The scientific knowledge is focused on the mystery of life, in particular, heredity and human variability. This determines the intensive development of genetic engineering, a sphere in which scientific knowledge and methods of expression invest.

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New discoveries made in laboratories around the world concern the decoding of the human and other organisms’ genome, the knowledge of the most complex mechanisms for their growth and differentiation. They determine the pace and direction of the socio-economic development of society, have a significant impact on philosophy, morality, law, religion and other spheres of culture, since they touch upon the problems of managing the nature of human and all life on Earth.

You may write in a genetic engineering essay introduction that, at the present, this sphere is in the center of molecular genetics, with the help of which a purposeful change in the properties of organisms is carried out.

Genetic engineering is an area of molecular biology and genetics. It is aimed at creating genetic structures according to the previously prescribed plan, formation of organisms with a given phenotype. Modern researches make a unique contribution to the study of the structural and functional organization of the genomes of various organisms. The methodology of genetic engineering is constantly being improved. More and more people use it in solving the most diverse problems of biological science.

The opportunities offered by this sphere to humanity (both in the field of fundamental science and in many other areas) are very large and often even revolutionary, which makes genetic engineering research paper topics extremely important. It becomes possible to carry out industrial mass production of the necessary proteins, to greatly facilitate the technological processes for obtaining fermentation products (enzymes and amino acids). In the future, GE can be used to improve plants and animals, as well as to treat hereditary diseases of human.

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Thus, genetic engineering, being one of the main lines of scientific and technological progress, actively contributes to speeding up the solution of many problems concerning food, agriculture, energy and environment.

General characteristic for genetic engineering essay

Write in a genetic engineering definition essay that this term means the methods of obtaining recombinant DNA unifying sequences of equal origin, i.e. the chromosomes are transferred from the donor cells to the deposited cells.

The essence of genetic engineering is that it is the production of highly specific DNA probes. With their help, a scientist gets a recombinant DNA that is the genetic basis of the genome of the organism. The nature of genetic engineering is due to the nature of the chromosomes of bacterial cells. They can be transferred to the nucleus of the cell.

Therefore, cloning of genes is achieved via genetic engineering methods. In particular, a purposeful transformation is carried out. The virus is introduced into the cell. The gene of this transformation is cloned, modified by creating a mutant gene encoding the altered form of the protein. The resulting gene is introduced into the cell. Thus, it is possible to correct defective genes and treat hereditary diseases.

With the help of genetic engineering, a transgenic plant is obtained. The gene of the bacterium Bacillus-Thiringiensis is inserted into the plant. The gene of a microinjection of a protein is introduced into a plasmid carrying the altered form of the protein. The resulting gene is introduced into the plant. The plasmid is produced by interacting with the attached variable.

Such methods require very high sensitivity of the assay to changes in the surrounding environment. They can directly affect the activity of the plant.