How to write a narrative essay about my hair?

How to write a narrative essay about my hair?
My teacher wants me to express about my hair in details. For example, the way it feels. I said it was soft and smooth, but she wants more.

Does anyone know what other feelings to write about hair? Or how to write a narrative essay on hair?

Can you give me an example of how you would describe your hair (not report but expression, pictures with words).

Sorry if I not too clear enough because I don’t know exactly how.

Your teacher sounds like a hippy.
Hippies love random crap that sounds really stupid.
Write a story from your hair’s point of view.
For example:
To get a better view at what my hair is like, one must view it from the hair’s point of view.
Every day I am tortured with a straightening iron, burned and flattened.
This is followed by an extremely fragrant spray which helps me stay soft. It takes away some of the sting from the burn.
After the morning fixer-upper, I am brought into the trecherous outdoors to the bus stop. It is often sunny, but on some days it rains, i love that feeling.
After a long day at school of being touched, knotted, and fiddled with, I return home where I am put up into curlers.
After this I unfortunately have to be slept on by some giant head.

Sorry for making you read that horrible thing, but i know my hippy teacher would love it. I actually had fun being a douche when i wrote that. Hope it helps. GLUCK